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sábado, 23 de junio de 2012

Join to the flagship

A pleasant surprise for the Gijón Polytechnic Campus of Engineering (EPI-Gijón) (link), not only leading the collaboration with industry and applied research projects, not just the job prospects of its engineers is the most high, not only the international mobility of graduates is the most important, we are in Europe, America, ... not only is responsible for most of the productive companies of our region, not only .....

Now also in the scientific ranking prepared by the University of Granada is among the first Spanish institutions acording the scientific relevance of its publications.

That said, a pleasant surprise!!

Someday it will operate as a real Polytechnic with  engineering criteria, can manage the resources generated, may coordinate the formation of degrees, masters and PhD activities, adopt strategies corsets free.

The Gijón Polytechnic Campus of Engineering (EPI-Gijón) may be even more so, the engine of economic regeneration and industrial needs both our region and our country. 

Only in our hands and we will realize one day.

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